Orthopedics in Malaga, Spain: A Vacation Getaway

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Believe it or not, patients can now associate orthopedic surgery with the vacation of a lifetime. Orthopedic treatment no longer has to be expensive and unpleasant. Patients are increasingly traveling to places like Malaga, Spain to receive the reduced cost of treatment while simultaneously indulging in a relaxing and restful vacation. Malaga, Spain orthopedic treatments offer patients one of the most enjoyable mechanisms of recovery.

Depending on the extent of your treatment, you can be bedridden for weeks. Why not recover from your hip replacement or ACL surgery on the warm sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea?

Malaga, Spain is a province in Andalucia located along the southern coast. Known as Costa del Sol, Malaga attracts visitors from all over the world for the countless sandy beaches and sunshine. The region has warm weather throughout most of the year, making it a popular destination for travelers escaping cold, winter weather.

The warm weather, the relaxed attitude, and the miles of sandy beaches consistently bring visitors back year after year. Malaga's visitors are never left with nothing to do. Get lost among the beautifully old churches or the historic museums before your treatment and then relax on the beach for your recovery. A sandy beach trumps wrinkled bed sheets any day. Malaga's vitality and unique culture make it one of the most visited areas in Europe.

What about the quality of healthcare in Malaga?

Spain's national healthcare system is among the best in Europe. In fact, the World Health Organization ranked Spain as having the 7th best healthcare system in 2009. Private health services are also prevalent throughout the country as many people opt for private health care. As a result, visitors have a large pool of health services to choose from. Furthermore, English-speaking health practitioners are common throughout the country. As a popular destination for visitors, English-speaking doctors in Malaga are widely used to treating international patients.

Consequently, orthopedic surgeons in Malaga offer patients some of the best health care in the world. Clinica Medica Internacional SANDALF is a private, out-patient clinic providing an array of orthopedic and physiotherapy treatments. The staff is comprised of English-speaking professionals with specialties in orthopedic treatments. Dr. Alf Neuhaus did his medical training in the United Kingdom before bringing his years of experience and expertise to Malaga. Dr. Neuhaus's commitment to quality care is reflected in his dedication to his patients before, during, and after surgery. He is constantly ready to answer any patient questions or concerns.

What about travel?

Malaga is an easy city to travel to. Orthopedic treatment in Malaga doesn't mean the money you save on treatment has to go to your travel. The Malaga Airport, located just outside the city, has flights connecting all over Europe and many budget airlines offer cheap flights. Quick and inexpensive travel is just another benefit of visiting Malaga.

Malaga is considered a gateway along the Costa del Sol so there are a number of ways visitors can travel. Trains and buses throughout Spain offer a scenic method of transportation, while the city's harbor docks ships and cruise lines for those traveling by sea. In the summer, ferries run throughout the Canary Islands.

Additionally, everything from luxurious resorts to boutique hotels offers visitors an array of accommodations.

Contact orthopedic clinics in Malaga, Spain to find information specific to your injury or treatment.

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